Rejuvenating Moisturiser

Based in Nelson(New Zealand), we are listed amidst the most celebrated names offering a spectrum of products. To avoid any type of mechanical and biochemical harms, we pack our products in high-grade packing items that are sturdy as well. Moreover, we provide product details on it as well.


Contains :

  • Manuka honey, propolis & hospital grade pharmaceutical New Zealand Lanolin. Apply to the face and neck twice daily or when desired the nutrient rich New Zealand lanolin makes a wonderful base for the powerful natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and vitamin rich propolis to be applied in your daily beauty rituals.
  • This cream contains only the safest preservatives. Propolis used in this form has a variety of benefits for your skin; because of its natural antibiotic qualities it is gentle and safe to use on the most sensitive areas of your face and will sooth skin irritations such as acne or irritated skin