Hydration Cream

Delivering the orders on time is one of our specialties for which we are highly admired by the clients. Rest assured for the safety of the products as we have the best facilities at our end. In addition, we have appointed a responsible staff to keep a vigil eye over the same.


Contains :

  • Manuka honey& avocado moisturiser with hospital grade pharmaceutical lanolin. Avocado oil is high in Omega 7, which is found in our own natural skin serum (that decreases with age), which means your skin can deeply absorb the oil. Omega 7 works to protect your skins natural barrier to prevent moisture loss and plumps the skin.
  • Avocado oil is loaded with vitamins, which makes it perfect for those suffering from inflammatory skin conditions and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth without feeling greasy. This moisturiser contains Manuka honey of a high grade, which gives it an antibacterial component, added to New Zealand’s finest Lanolin offering an overall hydrated and fresh feel.