Evening Moisturiser

Keeping the globally accepted packaging norms in consideration, we make certain that the packaging is done under the strict supervision of experts and professionals. The offered lot is prepared using the best is class raw material and modern work methods. In addition to this, we make sure that the material is procured after complete quality satisfaction.


Contains :

  • Soothing face cream with hospital grade pharmaceutical Lanolin, NZ Manuka honey and Lavender. Lanolin when used as a cream helps the skin to retain water, it softens the skin preventing moisture loss and rehydrating it for a smoother, silkier younger look. Because it’s natural and gentle it is also used to help with skin irritations such as dry or itchy skin. The Pharmaceutical lanolin used in our products is medical grade and is guaranteed to be naturally extracted.
  • Pharmaceutical lanolin has the highest grade of purity unlike normal grade lanolin, which is why it is used in hospitals. This face cream also contains NZ Manuka honey and Lavender giving an overall relaxing and soothing feel to the skin.